WordPress SEO Hacks

What are the WordPress SEO hacks that will boost your site? As you know WordPress is the most popular open source Content management system (CMS) and used by 75 million websites.

Top WordPress SEO Hacks

Here are some WP SEO hacks that will push your pages higher up the organic search result.

Permalink Structure

Permalink Structure is the one of the most important hacks for WordPress. WordPress by default provide you a URL. For example:

This is a really bad URL structure in terms of SEO. The URL must contain keywords.

The most used WordPress Permalinks are:

  • Domain.com/category/post-name
  • Domain.com/post- name

Domain.com/post-name is more SEO friendly URL structure than Domain.com/category/post-name. The second option is best because it makes URL shorter than the first one and that’s always an advantage.

Use of Yoast SEO to optimize blog posts

Using Yoast SEO is the best WordPress SEO Plugin is available. If you use Yoast SEO, you will ensure your:

  • Keyword is in the Page title and meta description.
  • Content must contain more than the minimum required words (300).

Update your Sitemap then submit to Google Search Console (also called Google Webmaster Tools)

Internal Linking and External linking

Internal linking is good for SEO because:

  • These links helps Google to crawl your website.
  • Reduce bounce rate.
  • Internal links can pass link juice from one page to another page.

External Linking is important than internal link because:

  • Search Engine consider External link as third-party votes.
  • External links are the source of ranking power.
  • Update WordPress Theme

There are many free WordPress Theme. Many of the Free WP theme are not SEO friendly these theme also reduce your search engine ranking. While most premium WP themes have been SEO optimized. Premium WordPress themes are fast, responsive, secure, use HTML5.


Remove Unnecessary Plugins

Too many WordPress Plugins can slow down your site and also negatively affect your SEO. Don’t activate more than 10 plugins on your site.
Here are some best WordPress Plugins you must use

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