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What are the Strategy for Twitter Marketing ? What are the tips for Twitter Marketing to use this 2020? Do you have any idea about Twitter Marketing? If yes, that’s great! If not here are some benefits of Twitter Marketing to grow your brand.

Why Twitter?

Twitter is one of the most popular website with 321 million plus monthly active users. With this huge audience Twitter has become a powerful marketing platform for big business and also small business. There are huge importance of Twitter in marketing like Facebook and YouTube.
Like other social media marketing, Twitter has become complicated platform these days as it’s no longer enough to tweet about the latest topic occasionally. As strategy is the key for success, you also need to use best strategy for Twitter to market your business.
If you are just planning to use Twitter for your business then this guide will show you way to achieve your goal.

Also Learn Why Twitter is so Important for Business.

What is the Twitter Marketing strategy?

Twitter marketing strategy is a plan to use twitter for marketing your brand or business. This includes creating, posting, publishing and distributing content for your audience and followers through Twitter.
The marketing strategy for twitter has same steps as other social media marketing strategy which includes:

  1. Set goals
    For any marketing strategy the first step is to set the right goals. The right goal makes you successful in marketing.  
  2. Know your audience on Twitter
    Understanding your Twitter audience and what your audience wants. This is important in determining which Twitter marketing strategies you should employ and how.
  3. Engage with your Audience
    Twitter is the social media channel, it is built as the network to converse, discuss and share content. That means conversation or engagement should not be stopped. Twitter is also one of the great places to hold industry chats or discussions. It can be either with a different audience or your own customers.
  4. Analysis of results
    To keep an eye on the metrics in goal setting and analyze the result can be the last step of your strategy.
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