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There are lots of SEO tools to use to rank your website on Google.  Whether you need to perform keyword research, audit site, do competitive research you can just use SEO tools which make the work lot easier. There are tons of SEO tools to use. Are you confused what to use? In this article I have mentioned best SEO tools to use for your website to rank on google.

Also see what are the best SEO Plugin to use.

SEM Rush

  • SEMRush provides a set of tools to grow your organic traffic.
  • It is especially used by professional SEO experts, bloggers and businesses of all sizes.
  • SEMRush allows you to research and see keywords your competitors rank for. Also how you can beat them.
  • SEMRush helps you improve your website content to beat top result for your focus keyword.  It will help you write more SEO friendly content.

Google Search console

  • A free tool offered by Google itself. Google Search console helps website owners monitor and maintain their site.
  • It alerts you when google can’t crawl pages on your website. You also get some tips to solve it.
  • Google Search console shows keywords your website is ranking for. This will be helpful to write new posts on your site.

Google Keyword Planner

  • A free tool used for keyword research offered by google.
  • It is used to generate keyword ideas based on up to ten seed keywords.
  • Keyword planner has limitation, lack of absolute search volume.
  •  Easy to find keyword ideas that might struggle to find.


  • SERPSim shows how your webpage look like in Google’s search result.
    You just have to do is enter title, meta description and URL.
  • SERPSim will also tell you if your title and meta description is too short or too long.

Google Trends

  • Google Trends shows the popularity of a topic. You can use the same topic keyword for new content for your site.
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  1. SEMRush allows you to research and see keywords your competitors rank for. Also how you can beat them.

  2. I’m glad to see Google Search Console included on your list. Many people forget about this tool and it is so helpful.

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