If you are not using Pinterest for business it’s time to think about it. As Pinterest Marketing can be the best idea for your business. These days People are busy focusing on Instagram and Facebook Marketing, where as Pinterest has grown into powerful platform for marketing your brands and products.

Why Pinterest for Business?

  • Pinterest is the 4th most popular social media site.
  • 300 million plus Global Monthly Users.
  • 83% of users have made a purchase from brands on pinterest from content they saw.
  • Millions of active users engaging with auto content on Pinterest.

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Important terms to know about Pinterest

Each and every social media site has its own lingo, same goes to Pinterest.

  • Pins: Pinterest pin means a picture that has been connected from a known websites or transferred. These terms can similarly mean to save. Additionally, when you do pinterest login, you can save any pictures you need or like and this is called pining.
  • REPINING – this is the procedure or act of saving a picture that was at first saved by another person from pinterest.
  • Boards– Pinterest boards imply a collection of pins labeled to a subject such as weddings, quotes, food, travel and so on.
  • Group boards: A group board is a collaborative board which has an owner. Owner can also add other users to contribute to the board. You can also ask to join a group board. But remember the board’s owner has to send you an invite to be an member of the board.
  • Archived boards: If you don’t want to delete and no longer in use your board you can archive board. Whereas archived boards won’t show up on your profile. You won’t see any suggestions related to the board.
  • Feed: Similar to a Facebook or Instagram feed, this is a gathering of pins from individuals you follow or what Pinterest thinks you would be interested on.
  • Hashtags on Pinterest: Hashtags on Pinterest work as they do on other online sites. They make it simple for different pinners to discover your pins and applicable content.
  • Lens: This component in the application utilizes your phone’s camera to deliver new pin suggestions related with things you snap pictures of. 
  • Comments: You can add comment to other pinners pins.
  • Save: When you click on a pin, you have the choice to save or send away. At the point when you save, you pin it to one of your own boards.
  • Sending pins: You can send pins to different pinners or non-Pinterest users in private messages.
  • Tagging clients: You can tag people utilizing the ‘@’ symbol.
  • Messages: You can send private messages to other active users in Pinterest.

What do you think about Pinterest for business? Share them with us through comments.

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