Brand building on Facebook

Are you using your Facebook account as a tool to build awareness for yourself? If not you are missing out the world’s most powerful, free marketing tool.  Brand building on Facebook is free and most powerful one. As facebook is one of the popular social media site.  Facebook is used by billions of people.

Tips to brand building on Facebook

Following tips will help your business grow through Facebook marketing and build authority and credibility.

Set Specific goals

Do you want to build your brand and build brand awareness? That’s great! But remember brand awareness and brand building are difficult to measure than things like lead generation.  You can measure lead generation. For example:  you spend $1 per lead. But how to measure brand building?

Depending on Campaign there are several different KPIs (key Performance Indicator) you can look at.  This includes:
Impressions/ reach
Video Views
clicks on your content

Before launching your ad campaign, you must decide which KPI you want to focus. You must set goals for each campaign.

Understand your Audience

This is the important factor that you must consider before starting your campaigns. You must understand what type of audience you want to connect with. Also introduce your brand to.

Define your Brand

Facebook Ads gives you the opportunity to build your brand and also introduce your brand to new customers. No matter which technique you are using, you can always build brand most effectively with storytelling.

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Run Diverse Ads content

The best thing about facebook ads is there are lots of options to choose from. You can also target specific groups of people you want where you want to display your ads.
There are different types of formats to choose from, this includes: videos, images, instagram story ads etc. Video is one of the powerful ad formats when you are looking to share your brand.

Monitor Campaign and Adjust Necessarily

The last step in brand building is to monitoring the success of your ads campaign. Facebook ads can be a little unstable, especially when you are new to it. So you must watch each campaign closely to see that costs haven’t rapidly increased over several days.

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