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Searching for Best SEO Plugin to use this 2020? As Choosing best SEO plugin is the key point to success because there are lots of plugin on WordPress. So to help you guys we have some best Plugins you must use for your website.

What you should look before activating plugin?

When it comes to the SEO plugins there are different users like

  1. Newbies who just want to boost their site on search engines.
  2. People who want to do things like automatically format meta information on custom field variables and all that jazz.

What to see ?

  1. Any good plugins must be able to handle both users.
    For example: Yoast SEO includes a simple startup guide and notifications.
  2. Be sure when you choose plugin to go with one that approaches SEO in a way that perfectly fits your situation.
  3. Choose plugin that supports your posts types.

Are you new to WordPress and still confused to choose? Don’t worry we have the best WordPress SEO plugins and tools for you. These plugins help you to boost your site.

What are the best SEO plugins for WordPress ?

Yoast SEO

  • Yoast SEO offers a complete page optimization tool that helps you improve your website.
  • It also automatically generates a sitemap for all your website content. Sitemap makes it easier for search engines to crawl your website and helps your website give best result.
  • We use Yoast SEO plugin on New Login Tips to help our on-page optimization ( meta titles, descriptions…)
    Install Yoast SEO today!

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WP forms

  • Wp forms is the most user friendly contact form plugin to use on WordPress. As you know every website needs a contact form to get in touch with users directly.
  • Wp forms allows you to create contact forms, online order forms with just few clicks.


  • MonsterInsights is google Analytics plugin which allows you to connect properly with google analytics. By the use of Monster Insights, you can exactly see how people fins and use your website.

So these are the most important SEO plugin We use on my site to get better results. Hope this article also help you to find best SEO plugins for your website.

How To Install SEO Plugins on WordPress?

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